Graduate Student Meeting/Workshop/Happy Hour with the Student Board Representatives
Open to Graduate Students

Student Board Representatives Apoorva Ghosh and Maria D. Duenas would like to meet with all graduate students on Friday, August 9 from 2:30pm-4:10pm (Grand Ballroom, Mezzanine Level).  This will be an excellent opportunity for students to mingle and discuss any issues.

During the meeting, there will be a Graduate Student Workshop entitled, “Navigating Power Relations, Hierarchies, and Anxieties as Graduate Students.”  The workshop leaders are: Luis A. Fernandez, Northern Arizona University; Claire M. Renzetti, University of Kentucky; and David A. Smith, University of California, Irvine.

Workshop Description

We often hear stories of professional harassment of graduate students, making the rounds in hushed tones, some of which occasionally erupt into public, creating scandalous headlines and bringing disrepute to the academic power elites that are the alleged oppressors or harassers.  Graduate students deserve a work environment that is just, equitable, respectful, and ethical—a place where they can work and complete their Ph.D. with dignity and respect.  But sometimes graduate students find themselves in very different situations, so it is imperative to discuss how graduate students might navigate challenges that primarily arise due to hierarchies, power relations, and unfair and unjust situations in their department or school.  For example, how should graduate students react to circumstances that they perceive to be unethical, dishonest or disrespectful treatment by people in positions of power in their departments?  How can students navigate such challenges, which may be compounded by the lack of support from people whom they trust or depend on, such as their advisors and graduate directors?  And how might students deal with the “shell” of collegiality cocooning professors who unsurprisingly prefer to support faculty colleagues rather than students, if they are compelled to make such choices?  This workshop offers strategies to navigate anxieties, hierarchies, and power relations that graduate students often encounter in their departments.  The panelists will provide a faculty perspective on these issues and share insights on tactfully responding to hostility embedded in power hierarchies. They will also discuss how to avoid replicating systems of oppression in relationships with their own students, or in later careers as faculty members or in other positions of authority.

The Graduate Student Happy Hour is scheduled later in the evening from 7:45pm-8:45pm (Location: The Beer Bar, 200 Park Avenue-MetLife Building, Indoor area, Ground Level).  Complimentary beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages will be available.

Open Discussion of Resolutions Being Proposed to the SSSP Board of Directors

Plan to attend the open forum of discussion where resolutions will be presented among concerned members on Friday, August 9 from 2:30pm-4:10pm (Plaza Suite, Mezzanine Level).  Each proposed resolution will be presented by the person who created the resolution (or designated representative) and the sponsoring Division’s Chairperson.  Adequate time for discussion will be properly allotted.  All Division Chairs should plan to participate in this session or designate a proxy from their division if unable to attend.

At the Annual Business Meeting, the proposed resolutions will be presented (including any modifications or revisions) by Vice-President William D. Cabin as a package for approval for action by the attending membership.  The membership will vote on proposed resolutions that were discussed and revised on the first day of the meeting.  If objections from the floor are raised to any specific resolution at the SSSP Business Meeting, that resolution can, by majority vote of those present, be separated from the package, and voted on separately.  Those present can either vote to support the resolution as proposed or decide to table the resolution for further discussion at the subsequent year’s annual meeting.  For more information, click here to view the proposed resolutions.

SSSP Business Meeting
Open to SSSP Members

Plan to attend the SSSP Business Meeting on Saturday, August 10 from 4:15pm-5:25pm (Grand Ballroom, Mezzanine Level) for an update on the status and future of SSSP.  Summary reports on the Society and its key activities this year will be given.  The meeting concludes with the traditional transfer of the gavel, marking the transition of duties from President Nancy J. Mezey to incoming President Heather M. Dalmage.  An open discussion period will follow the meeting.  All members are invited to this meeting.  The Business Meeting is immediately followed by the Presidential Address and everyone is invited to remain for that.