Deadline: 1/31/19

The Institutional Ethnography Division solicits papers for its 2019 George W. Smith Graduate Student Paper Competition.  To be considered, papers should advance institutional ethnography scholarship either methodologically or through a substantive contribution.  For an overview of institutional ethnography and the purposes of the IE Division, see  Authors must be currently enrolled graduate students or have graduated within the last 12 months.  Submissions are to be 25 pages long or less, excluding notes, references and tables, and be submitted in Word-compatible format, in 12-point Times New Roman font. An electronic letter from the student’s supervisor attesting to the lead author’s student status must accompany the submission.  The recipient will receive a monetary prize of $100, a plaque of recognition, student membership, conference registration, and an opportunity to present the winning paper at the (2019) SSSP meetings.  The winner of the 2019 paper will be invited to sit on the adjudicating panel for the 2020 paper submissions.  Please note that any paper submitted for consideration for the George W. Smith Graduate Student Paper Award must also be submitted to be presented at the 2019 meeting of the SSSP.  Send submission to ALL of the following members of the 2019 review committee: Alison Fisher  , Naomi Nichols (committee chair)  and Christina Weber  .  Please be aware that a paper submission may only be submitted to one division


Deadline: 4/1/19

The Institutional Ethnography Division is pleased to solicit nominations for the 2019 Dorothy E. Smith Award for Scholar-Activism. This award recognizes the activities of an individual or group who has made substantial contributions to institutional ethnographic scholar-activism in either a single project or some longer trajectory of work. The contributions may involve IE research conducted and used for activist ends, or it may involve activist efforts that have drawn upon or contributed to IE scholarship.  The award committee invites members of the Division to send a one-page statement describing the contributions of the nominee to Matthew Strang at  , Alison Fisher at and Jayne Malenfant   by April 1, 2019.