2007 General Election Results

President Elect (2007-2008); President (2008-2009) Steven E. Barkan
Vice-President Elect (2007-2008); Vice-President (2008-2009) Cheryl Boudreaux
Secretary (2007-2008) JoAnn Miller
Treasurer (2007-2008) David R. Rudy
Board of Directors (2007-2010) Luis A. Fernandez and Alison Isobel Griffith
Student Representative of the Board of Directors (2007-2009) Melanie Carlson
Budget, Finance and Audit Committee (2007-2010) Anna Maria Santiago
Committee on Committees (2007-2010) Shari L. Dworkin and Lloyd Klein
Editorial and Publications Committee (2007-2010) Lora Bex Lempert and Barbara Katz Rothman
Bylaws Amendments Approved