The 2020 C. Wright Mills Award Committee selected Dr. Danielle T. Raudenbush's book, Health Care Off the Books: Poverty, Illness, and Strategies for Survival in Urban America, University of California Press, as this year's winner.

Dr. Melissa Weiner, Chair of the 2020 C. Wright Mills Award Committee said of Dr. Raudenbush's work:

Health Care Off the Books by Dr. Danielle Raudenbush, is a critically important analysis of African Americans’ constructions of a formal-informal hybrid health care system in the absence of universal health care, and the consequences when treatment barriers loom too large to surmount. Raising critical sociological questions related to structure, agency, social networks, and racism, this is a timely and essential read, particularly in the context of COVID-19.




Congratulations, Dr. Raudenbush!

The award was presented at the 2021 Virtual Awards Ceremony on Thursday, August 5. Click here for a full listing of the 2020 finalists.

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