Winner: Dr. Meenal Rana, Cal Poly Humboldt; Beth Phelps, Oregon State University; Lonny Grafman, Cal Poly Humboldt

Paper Title: Youth-Adult Partnership in Social Entrepreneurship and Community Engagement: A Case Study of Daula Village in India

Student Winner: Karina Santellano, University of Southern California

Paper Title: 'We are Children of Immigrants': Entrepreneurial Pivots Towards Market Strategies of Belonging

Dr. Meenal Rana Beth Phelps Lonny Grafman Karina Santellano


Winner: Michael C. Dreiling, Univeristy of Oregon; Tomoyasu Nakamura, Senshu University; and Yvonne A. Braun, University of Oregon 

Paper Title: “Nuclear Denial in Japan: Policymaking, Innovation, and the Network Power of an Energy Industrial Complex”

Student Winner: Demetrius Murphy, University of Southern California 

Paper Title:“Quem pode ser a dona? (Who Can Be the Boss?): Afro-Brazilian Women Entrepreneurs and Gendered Racism” 

Dr. Michael C. Dreiling Dr. Yvonne A. Braun Demetrius Murphy