Board of Directors & Business Meeting Minutes:
Annual Meeting Survey Results

Annual Meeting Survey Results (PDF, 276 KB) 

Annual Meeting Attendance Reports

The 59th Annual Meeting was a huge success, with registration reaching 688, the fourth highest (2007-New York City: 788, 1985-Washington, DC: 777; Boston: 757) registration on record. Congratulations to President Steven E. Barkan, Program Committee Chair A. Javier Treviño and his committee, Division Chairs, and session organizers for a job well done.

Professional Pre-Registration: 365 (53%)
Student/Unemployed/Emeritus Pre-Registration: 251 (36%)
Fee Waived/Exempt: 12 (2%)
Professional On-Site Registration: 21 (3%)
Student/Unemployed/Emeritus On-Site Registration: 14 (2%)
Critical Sociology Conference One Day Registration: 25 (4%)


Guest Registration: 59 (guests are not included in the total registered figure)
Banquet Tickets Sold: 166
AIDS Fundraiser Tickets Sold: 39
Raffle Tickets Sold: 65
Auction Items Sold: $300

Please find below the cumulative attendance report and the attendance report by divisions. 

2009 AM Cumulative Attendance Report (PDF, 134 KB) 

2009 AM Attendance Report By Divisions (PDF, 131 KB)