Board of Directors & Business Meeting Minutes
Annual Meeting Survey Results

Annual Meeting Survey Results 

Annual Meeting Attendance Reports

The 59th Annual Meeting was a huge success, with registration reaching 688, the fourth highest (2007-New York City: 788, 1985-Washington, DC: 777; Boston: 757) registration on record. Congratulations to President Steven E. Barkan, Program Committee Chair A. Javier Treviño and his committee, Division Chairs, and session organizers for a job well done.

Professional Pre-Registration: 365 (53%)
Student/Unemployed/Emeritus Pre-Registration: 251 (36%)
Fee Waived/Exempt: 12 (2%)
Professional On-Site Registration: 21 (3%)
Student/Unemployed/Emeritus On-Site Registration: 14 (2%)
Critical Sociology Conference One Day Registration: 25 (4%)


Guest Registration: 59 (guests are not included in the total registered figure)
Banquet Tickets Sold: 166
AIDS Fundraiser Tickets Sold: 39
Raffle Tickets Sold: 65
Auction Items Sold: $300

Please find below the cumulative attendance report and the attendance report by divisions. 

2009 AM Cumulative Attendance Report 

2009 AM Attendance Report By Divisions