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November 26, 2019

SSSP: Editorial Search forSocial Problems – Call for Applications

SSSP is soliciting applications for the position of Editor of the Society’s flagship journal, Social Problems. The Editor’s three-year term will begin with the operation of the new editorial office at mid-year 2021. The new editor will be responsible for editing and promoting Volumes 69-71 (years 2021-2024).

We seek a diverse pool of editorial candidates with distinguished scholarly records, previous editorial experience (e.g., service as journal editor or associate editor, editor of scholarly editions, etc.), strong organizational and management skills, and the ability to work and communicate well with others, including with scholars in academic and non-academic settings. A familiarity with and commitment to Social Problems and the SSSP are essential. Applicants must be members or become members of the SSSP by the time of their application and continue to be a member during their tenure as editor.


Please direct all inquiries, nominations, expressions of interest, and application materials to Dr. Shirley A. Jackson, Chair, SSSP Editorial and Publications Committee, at

For a full description of the position and application process, visit: for applications is January 15, 2020.

11/26/2019, 02:44 PM


November 21, 2019

Student Paper Competitions and Outstanding Scholarship Awards

Apply for one of the SSSP Division’s Student Paper Competitions and Outstanding Scholarship Awards. The deadline for all Student Paper Competitions is midnight (EST) on January 31, 2020. In order to be considered for any of the Student Paper Competitions, applicants are required to submit their papers through the Annual Meeting Call for Papers.

This will ensure that winning papers are both designated and included in the program. Please note that students may only submit to one division and that each division has its own submission process. Papers are not eligible for presentation or division competitions or awards/scholarships/fellowships if they have been published or accepted for publication before being submitted for consideration. Papers are not eligible if they have been presented previously at SSSP or presented or accepted for presentation at other professional meetings, unless they have been revised substantially with new data, findings, or theoretical contributions. Click here to view previous award winners and paper abstracts. The deadline for Outstanding Scholarship Awards varies across divisions.

11/21/2019, 09:52 AM


November 19, 2019

Call for Papers: Engage in theory and practice with folks from across the country and around the world

SSSP returns to San Francisco, CA (Park Central Hotel) next August for the 2020 Annual Meeting (August 7-9), to explore the theme: Bringing the Hope Back In: Sociological Imagination and Dreaming Transformation.

We will come together in the spirit of our founders, Dr. Elizabeth Lee and her husband, Al McClung Lee, to explore how and why we do scholar activism. In 2019 we had 1,006 registrants from 23 countries.

Submit an extended abstract (required) and paper (optional) for the upcoming 2020 Annual Meeting, The deadline is midnight (EST) on January 31, 2020.

11/19/2019, 02:30 PM


November 14, 2019

General Election Ballot Preview

The 2020 General Election Ballot Preview is now available for viewing! Candidates for the 2020 General Election have prepared online resume forms featuring publications and candidate statements to acquaint the membership with their qualifications for the positions. Click here to view the 2020 General Election Ballot Preview.

11/14/2019, 12:26 PM


November 12, 2019

The Benefits of SSSP Membership

There are many benefits that come with your SSSP membership. Perhaps no other professional organization is as committed to tackling contemporary social problems and redefining historical social facts as the SSSP. Our community of activist scholars places a priority on supporting not only emerging scholarship, but on supporting graduate students and junior scholars as well. For many respected senior scholars, SSSP was the first organization that actively supported their work by inviting them into a dynamic community of individuals dedicated to activist scholarship.

Membership provides access to this welcoming community of individuals who do rigorous, groundbreaking social research. Through our annual meetings, our highly regarded journal, Social Problems, and other important SSSP publications, SSSP has shared new knowledge and developed myriad working partnerships and professional friendships for over 60 years.

Consider joining us in this worthwhile endeavor by becoming a member or renewing your membership today!

11/12/2019, 02:10 PM


November 07, 2019

In Pursuit of Social Justice

SSSP is engaged in multiple avenues of social justice research and action, including the publication of resolutions and letters. In addition, the Thomas C. Hood Social Action Award recognizes social justice work of local grassroots organizations in marginalized communities in the SMSA (as defined by the U.S. Bureau of Census) in which the annual meeting is held (San Francisco, CA in 2020). To learn more visit:

11/07/2019, 10:36 AM


November 05, 2019

Child Care Crisis in America

Recent Time piece takes a sobering look at the child care crisis in America. It remains to be seen what kind of traction the Child Care for Working Families Act (introduced in February) will get in Washington.

11/05/2019, 11:47 AM