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December 21, 2021

“Buy One, Get One Free” Promotion for Divisional Memberships

There has never been a better time to renew your SSSP membership and to add a new Division. The Board of Directors has approved a “Buy One, Get One Free” Promotion for Divisional Membership for “early birds” who join or renew their membership between October 1 and December 31, 2021 for the 2022 calendar year. For a list and explanations of the 23 SSSP Divisions, visit To add a division, login at The “Purchase a Division” link is under the “Divisions” section,

12/21/2021, 11:05 AM

Your Donation is Tax Deductible

Did you know that the SSSP is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization? We accept tax deductible contributions to support our general operation and for specific purposes. Your donation of any amount will help sustain the Society, show your appreciation for your past or current involvement with the SSSP, and support further sociologists and the discipline. If you have questions, please contact us at

Give to SSSP

12/21/2021, 08:34 AM


December 17, 2021

Give the Gift of SSSP

This time of year, many people are gift shopping for family and friends. Have you considered gifting a SSSP membership to someone? If you would like to pay the membership dues for someone else, such as a student or colleague, contact for assistance.

12/17/2021, 02:57 PM


December 13, 2021

End of the Year Reminders

As this year comes to a close, the SSSP would like to take a moment to remind you of a few important announcements. If you have not already done so, take this opportunity to renew your membership for 2022; nominate a book for the C. Wright Mills Award and/or a 2022 Annual Meeting Author Meets Critics Session; preview the ballot for the upcoming 2022 General Election; and apply for one of the SSSP Division’s Student Paper Competitions, Outstanding Scholarship Awards, or the Racial/Ethnic Minority Graduate Fellowship. It’s not too late to submit a paper for the 2022 Annual Meeting.

12/13/2021, 08:29 AM


December 10, 2021

C. Wright Mills Award Nomination Deadline is Quickly Approaching 12/15/21

Nominations are now open for the 2021 C. Wright Mills Award. Members of the Society are encouraged (but not required) to submit letters of nomination for this prestigious annual award. Self-nominations are acceptable. Authors and/or nominators do not need to be current members of SSSP. Edited volumes, textbooks, fiction and self-published works are not eligible. Eligible books must be first edition (not a reprint or later edition) and bear a 2021 copyright. Exceptions may be made for a book bearing a 2020 copyright, but that was not released until 2021 for the first time. The C. Wright Mills Award, established in 1964, is made annually and carries with it a stipend of $1,000 for the author(s) of the winning book. The deadline for the 2021 award nominations is December 15, 2021.

12/10/2021, 09:53 AM


December 07, 2021

Research and Data: Ending Violence Against Women

On November 25th, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women registered many initiatives around the world. Designated by the United Nations General

Assembly, the Day aims to sensitize citizens and policy-makers about the fact that women are subject to many different forms of violence. Here is updated data from the UN Women Organization:

However, a great effort is needed to integrate the intersectionality perspective into the analyses conducted by governments’ committees and other organizations, and to bring to light the social and cultural factors which often contribute to keeping this social problem hidden.

SSSP has been contributing significantly to this field by publications (see for instance how the problem is discussed in the Social Problems in the Age of COVID-19 book:,_Volume_1:__US_Perspectives ) and by offering important spaces for discussion on gender issues through its Divisions’ activities and the Annual Meetings.

To appreciate these SSSP efforts and to contribute to developing more just societies internationally, please see the Call for Papers for the 2022 SSSP Annual Meeting (submission deadline: January 15, 2022), find the sessions which involve scholars in the discussion about gender issues and violence against women, and join us at the Annual Meeting,  

Post written by Dr Morena Tartari, Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology, University of Southampton (UK), Membership and Outreach Committee

12/07/2021, 08:10 AM


December 06, 2021

SSSP Anti-Harassment Committee Climate Survey Results

The SSSP Anti-Harassment Committee is pleased to share their report from the recent climate survey. They thank the members who took the time to complete the survey and share their experiences and perspective.

The condensed version includes selected excerpts to highlight main themes from the findings. The report also protects respondents’ privacy and confidentiality by sharing general themes rather than specific details of experiences. A response from the committee is included as well as information about their ongoing efforts and future plans to address harassment. Feedback on the report is welcomed and they appreciate your continued support of their work.

12/06/2021, 11:59 AM


December 02, 2021

SSSP Executive Officer Search Deadline is Approaching Fast (application deadline: 12/15/21)

The Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP) is seeking applicants for the position of Executive Officer. Interested SSSP members in good standing may apply. Applications must be sent to the SSSP’s Administrative Officer and Meeting Manager, Michele Koontz, at mkoontz3@utk.eduApplications received by December 15, 2021 will receive full consideration.

12/02/2021, 01:56 PM