2021 Virtual Annual Meeting Minutes, Survey Results, and Attendance Reports

Board of Directors & Business Meeting Minutes
Virtual Annual Meeting Survey Results

2021 Virtual Annual Meeting Survey Results

Virtual Annual Meeting Attendance Reports

The 71st Annual Meeting was a huge success, with final registration reaching 797 registrants, the eighth highest registration on record. This is quite an accomplishment given that it was the Society’s first fully virtual annual meeting. Congratulations to President Corey Dolgon, Program Co-Chairs Saher Selod and Woody Doane and their committee, division chairs, and session organizers for a job well done!

  1. 2017- Montreal: 1,020
  2. 2013-New York City: 1,006
  3. 2019-New York City: 1,005
  4. 2015-Chicago: 927
  5. 2018- Philadelphia: 923
  6. 2016-Seattle: 915
  7. 2014-San Francisco: 821
  8. 2021-Virtual Annual Meeting: 797
  9. 2007-New York City: 788
  10. 1985-Washington, DC: 777

Professional Early Bird (311)/Pre-Registration (83): 394 (49%)
Student/Unemployed/Emeritus Early Bird (315)/Pre-Registration (64): 379 (48%)
Fee Waived/Exempt: 24 (3%)


Workshop-Advancing Activist Scholarship and Engaged Pedagogy in Promotion and Tenure: 11 tickets sold (Total: $110)
Workshop-Community-Based Participatory Action Research: 51 tickets sold ($75-22 and $25-29, total: $2,375)
Workshop-Social Impact Social Change: Storytelling: 51 tickets sold (total: $510)

Please find below the cumulative attendance report and the attendance report by divisions and program committee.

2021 Virtual AM Cumulative Attendance Report 

2021 Virtual AM Attendance Report by Divisions and Program Committee