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May 28, 2020

Call for Nominations for the SSSP 2021 General Election (deadline 6/15)

Nominations are open for candidates to run in the SSSP 2021 General Election, Consider nominating a colleague or yourself for one of these offices by completing the online nomination form,

05/28/2020, 09:42 AM


May 27, 2020

Submit a Manuscript for Social Problems

The quarterly journal, Social Problems, brings to the fore influential sociological findings and theories that have the ability to help us both better understand--and better deal with--our complex social environment. Social Problems welcomes manuscript submissions from SSSP members as well as non-members. For more information on the submission process visit:

05/27/2020, 09:08 AM


May 22, 2020

Virtual Panel on Higher Ed Funding and the COVID-19 Crisis

We are pleased to invite you to take part in a cosponsored virtual discussion on higher education funding and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Friday, May 22 at from 12:00pm to 1:30om (EDT). A Zoom link will be provided upon registration,

05/22/2020, 08:53 AM


May 19, 2020

Protect Education: Fund Aid to State and Local Governments

Many of our states and communities face serious financial shortfalls as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ability of states to provide adequate funding for higher education and other public goods will be dependent upon the inclusion of relief for state and local governments in the next federal stimulus package. Please write to your US congressional representative and your senators and urge them to include relief for state and local governments in the next stimulus package. For more information check out:

05/19/2020, 09:10 AM


May 14, 2020

What Our Members Say

Has the SSSP made a lasting impact in your life? Consider submitting a testimony to be shared on our website by emailing Check out a recent member’s testimony below and visit to read what others have to say.

“I won’t lie. I own a LOT of shoes. It may have to do with not having a lot of shoes when I was growing up. SSSP is like a comfortable pair of shoes that go with everything you wear! I know when I attend the meetings that I will find old friends and make new ones. I enjoy the support of my colleagues which makes SSSP an organization that gives my conference experience meaning. SSSP is a place where I feel I can serve on a variety of committees and have ran for elected office because it means working with like-minded folks who are doing their part to give back to an organization that has given us so much. I feel comfortable in SSSP which is why I continue to renew my membership each year and why I attend the meetings!” - Shirley A. Jackson, Portland State University

05/14/2020, 11:01 AM


May 12, 2020

The Authors’ Attic

The “Authors’ Attic” is a forum that provides authors an opportunity to discuss pressing and relevant social issues of our time. Veronica Lerma, Ph.D. candidate, University of California, Merced, is the featured author this month. Her co-authored article with Laura Hamilton and Kelly Neilson titled “Racialized Equity Labor, University Appropriation and Student Resistance” appears in the May issue Social Problems. Check it out by visiting:

05/12/2020, 11:47 AM


May 07, 2020

New Human Rights Page

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new Human Rights and Social Justice page,, on our website. This new page provides resources for individuals and organizations interested in doing human rights and social justice work and serves as partial evidence of the Society’s own commitment to Human Rights and Social Justice.

05/07/2020, 08:29 AM


May 05, 2020

A Message from the Founder of the Disability Visibility Project

“Disabled people are not acceptable collateral damage in this pandemic. I want to believe that the future is not just mine, but ours. When one of us falls through the cracks, we all suffer and lose something. Time and ventilators are scarce, but we have the creativity, moral courage, and collective power to shape a world that has space for all of us.” - Alice Wong (@SFdirewolf), founder of the Disability Visibility Project

To learn more:

05/05/2020, 09:37 AM


May 04, 2020

Call for Resolutions Deadline – Extended Deadline – May 15

The Call for Resolutions deadline has been extended to Friday, May 15, 2020. Members who wish to propose resolutions for consideration of the SSSP, should submit them to the SSSP Vice-President Daina Cheyenne Harvey at by May 15, 2020. For detailed information on the resolution process, please visit


All proposed resolutions with the exception of those expressing thanks should contain a concise position statement concerning a social problem of urgent concern and the appropriate evidence and citations to support the position taken in the resolution. In most cases, the proposed resolution should include some sort of call for viable action on the part of the SSSP. This typically has involved a letter from the BOD directed to some public or private entity expressing concern, support, or opposition. Other forms of appropriate action may be proposed, but ideally any other forms of action should be discussed in advance with the Vice-President prior to submitting the proposed resolution. If the proposed resolution is in support of or in opposition to a piece of legislation, a copy of the legislation or a place where members can access it must be provided. Likewise, if the proposal is in support of or in opposition to an existing statement by another organization, a copy of that statement or a place where members can access it must be provided. Members who want to propose a resolution should consult the Society’s website for examples, suggestions, and the required resolution format. Please click on the following link for examples, including the format we would like you to use:

05/04/2020, 09:48 AM